Friday, April 9, 2010

Work continues on my Landscape/portrait

These photographs show the progress of the jacket and hands. I didn't get them in order from top to bottom. They are in reverse order. The third photo show the zipper added. I had lots of fun with this piece of fabric.

About a year ago I put out a plea to my quilt guild for fabric with a music theme. Quite a few of the members came through for me. I didn't use it all and have been trying to return it to the giver as I find it in my stash. This week I found a few pieces and had it pinned to my design wall. As I'm thinking about zipper fabric I looked up and saw a piece of fabric with piano keys. Yep, made a great zipper.


  1. Here is a hint for you from a painter. When doing young faces, you must resist the urge to paint lines and shadows onto the face that you see in photos. It will age the face. What works in photos, does not work in painting. Tell yourself, less lines and shadows, younger face. Clothes and faces are some of the hardest things to paint and get them to look natural.

  2. Thanks for the comment Judy. I am not a painter or very good with drawing so that information is very helpful.