Friday, April 23, 2010

Sydney's Portrait Redone

When I decided to draw Sydney's face instead of using the method I've used for other portraits I decided I had better control with watercolor pencils. So I got out my new 72 set of InkTense pencils by DeWert. This was really my first experience with these pencils and I probably should have experimented a little before tackling such a big job as drawing a portrait.

The drawing on the right is the first one I drew using InkTense watercolor pencils. The pencils had nothing to do with the problems of the drawing but I found them to be too intense for the face.

Yesterday when I decided to draw the face over I used a combination of Prismacolor Watercolor pencils and Staedtler watercolor pencils. Each brand of pencil has a different feel and texture to the mark and each worked for different needs. I have not yet added water as an element.

I'm still not happy with this but think it is better than the first one. I'm going to keep trying until I come up with one that makes me happy. I think the next time I will try paint.

One of the reason I decided to draw rather than make from fabric, as I do my other portraits, is a very soft photograph. The photo is of Sydney taken on a camping trip in the CA mountains. The photo is quite beautiful as it show the mountains in the distance with Sydney up close. By the time I crop her head to make it large enough for my wall hanging the photo of just the head is not real clear. I couldn't get enough detail for the fabric faces and I am having trouble with the eyes and seeing where her chin stops and neck begins for the drawing.


  1. Hi Marilyn
    I like the face on the left just fine. I think the pencils can be heat set is that right?

  2. Thanks Carolann. Yes you can heat set pencils, however, I'm not sure how light fast they are. I am going to use a UV spray and hope for the best.