Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Love this thread

I purchased three spools of YLI's Variation in shades called Forrest, Grass and Meadow about two years ago. This thread is a tri-global polyester dyed in Japan so that the color changes about every inch. There is 1000yds on a spool of 2ply thread and seems to last forever. I used this in my quilt "Love" that was accepted in AQS in Paducah this year.

I seemed to have used it for the same type of project that I'm working on at the present. This thread makes great pine boughs. It runs smooth, I've only had it break twice and I think that may have been my needles fault. I like to mix the two colors in the same tree. I wish I had Meadow in my hands at the moment because I might even mix it with the other two.

While thread painting the boughs I came across a way to give depth to the boughs by changing thread at various points. Will show those at a later date. I would recommend giving this thread a try.

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