Monday, April 19, 2010

Double portrait

These two photos may look the same to you however, if you look closely at the little girls shoulder you will see that the first one has a little line of fabric. This fabric separates her face from her sleeve and gives the portrait more depth. This is just one of the little added elements that makes an alright portrait into a good portrait.

Each time I make a new portrait I learn so many different ways to make the portrait better. I am making this piece for someone and she has had a little preview on my camera. I haven't met these two cuties and wanted to make sure I was capturing them to her satisfaction. She was very pleased.

It is more difficult to put two people together with this technique since you make each one separate. I had to quit when I got to the joining of the two and it wasn't quite obvious what I need to do. I know that I will figure it out but it may take a mistake or two. Below is a photo of the little boy, I know he's beautiful isn't he, I didn't take a photo of the girl before I put them together. However, you can see how he is without his sister.

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