Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring-an amazing time of year

Yesterday I drove to Pickens, SC a little town in the foothills of SC. My mission was to pick up a piece of artwork that I had taken over to the Pickens Museum to be judged for a juried show that opens April 24. I entered two pieces, one was accepted the other wasn't. More on that later.

However, my post tonight is not about the exhibit but about the beautiful drive through several small Southern towns in Spring. I wish I had taken the time to stop take a few photographs and savor the beauty.

While I didn't stop for photos I did savor the beauty. I found myself almost in tears as I looked at the wisteria vine tangled in trees, the wonderful wild Southern dogwood trees, the magnificent green that is only seen in Spring.

Azalea's in shades of pink that only can be found in nature dotted many yards in of these small town gardens. Red, and yellow tulips clumped together provided other little feast for the eyes.

For some reason Spring has really had a special hold on me this year. Perhaps it was the cold rough Winter, unusual for us in the South. Perhaps the fact that we celebrated out 50th wedding anniversary this year and we look back and wonder where the time has gone. What ever the reason it is a magical time of year here.

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