Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mary Ellen Kranz workshop

Today Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild had a great workshop presented by Mary Ellen Kranz. Mary Ellen is a computer whiz who does great quilts using photos printed on fabric.

Pat got far more done than the rest of the group. I think she had given a lot of thought to the project and brought just the right fabrics. Pat has this wonderful photo that was done by her husband, Gil. The photo is of a Gerber daisy with an insect on one of the petals.

Pat used this same photo to do a small mini nature quilt from one of my classes. It turned out to be a perfect selection for this class as well. Pat says that when she first saw the photo her reaction was WOW! She chose wow as her word for the poster in very large letters a great choice.

One of the main subjects that Mary Ellen addressed today was how to make lettering and large lettering at that. Very interesting as the technique can also be used to make large sheets of fabric as well.

Mary Ellen was a great teacher, lots of fun and very dedicated to what she teachers. Her expertise is evident and she teaches in such a way that you feel like, hey! I can actually do that.

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