Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hang in there with Me

The holidays have kept me out of my studio and off my blog.  I had lots planned after we returned from our daughter's home.  I have been fighting sinus problems since early Dec. and when I returned home it turned into an ear and sinus infection.  I haven't had the energy to do anything.

I did spend a few minutes today taking down the meager decorations I put up and had to rest in between.  I did fix dinner but everything wears me out.

I do have a mile-stone to report.  I finished my first PSE 11 class last week.  I am taking the class through  I recommend them highly.  I am in the process of trying to decide what class to take next.  The instructor, Beverly Schulz and her administrator, Eric and both sharing, knowledgeable and puts the information out in for the average person to understand.   If you are looking for a good class in PSE I would recommend this one.  This class was actually listed for PSE 10 user.   Since I had PSE 8 and needed to update, I decided to update to 11.  Many of the students did the same and Beverly and Eric, always added the change between 10 and 11 in each lesson.  I recommend it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A busy Time of Year

I haven't been in my studio for several weeks.  We have been traveling.  Attending to business and visiting with my husband's Mother and helping our daughter out after she had a medical procedure.

As soon as we returned I started working on this jacket for our granddaughter.  Sydney, age eight, was born in the wrong century.  She is not the typical eight year old as far as TV and video games are concerned.  She loves to create and have things created for her.

Since she is still wearing the hat and knitted cape that I gave her about four years ago I decided it was time for new duds.    I purchased the yarn for the hat on our trip and knitted in the car.  The hat was finished when we got home.  I also purchased the sweatshirt on the trip.  I started cutting the squares and rectangles out yesterday after  baking all morning.  Not too successfully I might add.  

Fortunately the sewing went a little better and I had the squares glued and sewed down by the evening.  Today I put the binding around the sleeve and outside and it's done.  Off to the PO tomorrow.  It has to go all the way cross county but I'm hoping it will be there by Christmas.

I decided to link this post to  NinaMarie post every Friday and invites other quilt artist to share a post on Off the Wall Friday.  Take a look there are always interesting post there.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pink Perfection

I had my second cataract surgery, done this week, all went well.  However, I haven't gotten a lot done either on the computer or in my studio.  Looking at the computer screen this week has not been pleasant. Hoping this will improve.

I decided to go with the uncropped image for this piece and do some shadow or thread painting of leaves and stems in the background.

 All I had time to do this week was to make thread color choices and do the outline stitching around all the petals and leaves.  Now to pull all those threads through and bury them.  This will be a real test for my new eyes.