Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hiking in the Sumter National Forrest

These trillium were the reason my DH and I took a hike today. I had been on the East Fork Trail in Sumter National Forrest in Oconee County about seven years ago. It was in late June or July. While the trillium flowers had died the leaves were out everywhere. I made a mental note to try this hike again when the trillium were in bloom. We have been having such beautiful weather and since I am lucky enough to have a few trillium in my garden I knew there was a possibility that they were in bloom.

The forest is at a much higher elevation than our home but I was hoping we wouldn't be to early. We did see many but many were yet to open. We also saw Solomon's Seal, Bird foot violets, Trout Lily, Meadow Rue, wild azalea and in a few months a riot of Rhododendron blossoms will delight the eye.

There were some groups of leaves that we think might be some type or orchid but no flowers. My knowledge of wildflowers is limited and while I recognize most flowers I'm no good at recognizing the leaves.

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