Thursday, April 8, 2010

Work continues on my Landscape

I was able to get Sydney's face painted and her cloths and legs attached before I had to stop to cook dinner. The husband would go out but I'd have to stop for that as well. I'm trying to select fabrics close to what Sydney had on in the photo because she often has her own little style. The T-shirt material looks similar to her t-shirt. I used the back side of the fabric for high lites and use some paint to darken the fabric for shadows. I haven't finished all the details on the clothing yet but that will come later. Her Mother and Father are entomologist and both she and Connor often have clothing with insects in the fabric. I love this bee fabric for the shorts and there is a great coincidence to this fabric. Where the bees buzzzzzz it looks like shadows. I hope to get back to the studio tomorrow and finish her arms and jacket.

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