Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ramblings and Other Things

Well, I've decided that I will use the name "Create, Merge, Print & Stitch for my new class at JC Campbell next year. Got the description and information off today. Glad to get that done.

Close-up of Medea Escaping by: Marilyn Belford

One of the things I've been working on lately is a PowerPoint presentation on "Fabricating Faces". I decided that I wanted to start the presentation with photographs of portraits from quilters that I admire. I also wanted to show the many different technique that can be used to make portraits with fiber.

I sent out an email to many well known and, some so not well known, quilters asking permission to use photos of their work. I even had to ask many of these artist to send photos since I was having trouble downloading off the internet.

I did not get one NO! In fact Deidre Scherer volunteered to send a set of photos depicting the stages of her technique. Deidre is perhaps the pioneer of fiber portraits. If you aren't familiar with her work take a look at her web site.

I put this presentation together for guild presentations. If you're interested in seeing/hearing this presentation email me.

I took Hannah III over to the Pickens Museum of Art & History to be juried for the upcoming show for SC Artist. Check off one more thing.

I also sent three computer generated images off to ITAB International TECHstyle Art Biennial for jurying into that show. Lots of opportunities to show my art work now and I'm taking advantage. I'm ready to get these things done so that I can get back to the studio.

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