Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home Again and Working in the Studio

It is so good to be back home again and to have time for working in the studio. I started Sanctuary quite a while back. I put the layers together ready to quilt and haven't had time to do so. I often put off the quilting part since it is not my favorite process. I didn't do that intentionally this time but life has had other things for me to do.
I'm hoping to finish the quilting this week because I have an exciting new project I'm ready to begin. I've know since Jan. of 2010 that I had to have a challenge finished for Sept. of 2012. Our HiFiber group is putting together a challenge for "The Artist Lost" in Seneca to run the same time our local quilt guild, Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild, has it semi annual show. The challenge is called "Strip". I have been drawing a blank on what to do but think I have finally had the inspiration. I'm ready!

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