Monday, April 16, 2012

Hannah III accepted in Juried Art Show

I'm back in McDonald's again checking on email etc. and decided that I would post some news I just found in an email. Hannah III has been accepted in the Pickens County Museum Juried SC Art Show.

You may remember that I asked for help in trying to decide how to frame Hannah. This thread painted portrait was my first attempt in creating a portrait from thread. I'm quite pleased with it and had first through I would add it to a more complicated background. However, after much thought and many days looking at her on my design wall she called to be framed. I did just that and am very happy with the results.

Since I am away from home I'm not sure when the opening is but am hoping I will be back to attend. If I get a photo of her hanging in the show I will post it on my blog.


  1. Lovely granddaughter, lovely work, and congratulations!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I find thread painting takes me weeks. What size is this? How long did it take you?

  3. The frame works really well. I looked back at your earlier posts when you were trying decide what to do and the frame is the best. The other styles were distracting. Congratulations

  4. Thanks all. The size is 12X17 and it did take weeks.

  5. Congratulation! This is always a wonderful show. I've entered in the past (though not recently) and it led to a wonderful relationship with the museum and its staff. As a result, it was the first place to which I submitted a proposal for a solo show ... and GOT IT! "Blues Chapel" was presented in the summer of 2008. The executive director, Allan Coleman, is a great person, a talented artist, and still on my list of references. If you do go for the reception, look for Ellen Kochansky. I think she's still on the board of directors ... but even if she's not, she's a very, very talented fiber artist with an impressive resume that includes more than one SC fellowship award. She's especially nice too!

    1. Thanks Susan, I have met Ellen and I will look for her. I think I will be at the opening it is always nice to meet the other artist.