Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quilting "Spirit of the Kiva"

After quilting "Connor" recently I decided that by using a photo of the finished fabric face I could mark quilting lines on the paper to see if I liked the design.

These are the two photographs that I blended in Photo Shop Elements. The idea that I wanted to convey was one of spiritualism.

I felt that the blending of these two photos did just that. So instead of printing this one on paper I decided to use my new Epson 1100 and print it on fabric. With this printer I can print a 13" x 19" piece of fabric.

This size is large enough to actually quilt and get a better idea of what the large piece will look like.

I decided to start with the stone wall at the bottom of the ladder and moved on to shadow inside the Kiva.

I marked the shadow on the fabric.

And began quilting.
My idea for this piece is for the girl to be the spirit in the Kiva. Because of this I decided that the Kiva should be the only quilting lines in the piece. I was concerned about actually placing quilting lines through the eyes of the girl and that is the reason I decided to print on fabric.

I got this far with the piece today and think I am on track. However, sometimes I feel that I am too close to the piece so any feed back would be appreciated.


  1. Wow! I found your blog via QA Digest list!! Your work is fantastic! I'm off to fill up my coffee cup and look at your previous posts!! Very impressive!

  2. I do believe your technique will best as the photos show, the quilting does not detract from the face. Wonder if you could find close up photos of Hollis C's works for comparison?

  3. Thanks Robbie, I took a peek at you blog, you are no slouch either. Loved reading about the kids.

    Janice, I couldn't begin to compare what I do to Hollis C. While I am quilting rather heavily I don't think it will be as heavy as hers.