Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Quilting on "Spirit of the Kiva"

After taking yesterday off for a Focus Meeting, more on that later, I began working on the top of the Kiva today.

This area is underground. Wooden beams and planks support the earth on top. There is an entry hole with a ladder for you to use to enter the Kiva.

I entered the Kiva at just the right time of day. The sun was in a position that made wonderful shadows of the ladder and opening on the floor.

I decided the stones needed a darker thread outline.
This is the finished sample. I think the quilting lines accomplished the look I was after. The Kiva stands out while the girl appears as a spirit.

I posted the photos a littler larger than I normally do so you can enlarge to get a better view of the quilting. These photos were taken without the aid of a tripod so they aren't quite as sharp as they should be.

Any comments would be appreciated.


  1. I love how you created the reflection with your quilting. And, yes, that darker thread really does bring out the stones. Looking great.

  2. Thanks Judy. Now I need to move on to the larger piece. Hope it goes as well as the smaller one.