Sunday, July 24, 2011

Focus Fiber Art's July Meetingt

Focus meet this past Wednesday at my home. Dixie Haywood is still in the clean out mode. She is trying to use up samples made over a thirty year career as a teacher and author. She has been making "Lovies" for Diana and Veronica's guild in Spartanburg.
Marge, Donna, Janet and Diana look over some of the 18 lovies Dixie made this month.

This is also one of Dixie's pieces that she will also use as a donation.

Diana's husband retired in Jan. they purchased and RV and plan to do a lot of traveling. Diana wanted some handwork to keep her busy during these trips. Here it is just six months later and she already has this wonderful piece put together. She has started quilting it and hopes to have it ready for the Asheville, NC Quilt Show.

Before starting the quilting of a new piece, especially if she hasn't free motion quilted recently, she works on a comfort quilt to warm up.

Marge Edie's very large quilt was the inspiration for Diana to use diamonds in her hand sewn quilt. Marge has been working for over a year on this one. I can't wait to see it finished it is going to be a master piece.

Donna Barnhill's first brought this piece to Focus a couple months ago. As usual we had some ideas to share with her and she culled out what she liked and ended up with this neat piece.

Donna added many different pieces of copper as embellishments and turned this traditional pattern into a piece of artwork

Janet Ginn brought this piece last month, all she had were a few of the circles made and was asking for advice on how to mount them. As I said earlier we always have advice.

One of the great things about Focus is we can ask for advice but we don't feel as if we are hurting anyone's feeling by not taking that advice. Janet did just that with this piece. Best I remember we were looking at a black and white background. Janet decided to add some squares to go with the circles and now she has a wonderful bright comfort quilt.

Okay I know you've been waiting to see a number of pieces by Veronica. Well it seems that exercise and blueberries have been keeping her busy this month. She did manage to get this piece beaded. It was interesting to walk around the piece and see the beans sparkle.

I shared this sample piece that I am practicing on. I wanted to try the quilting design on the small piece to make sure it was right for my larger quilt.

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