Monday, July 11, 2011

More Information on Connor's Pineapple Quilt

I received a lot of request from readers to post a larger image of my finished Connor piece. Here it is. I've also decided to go through the process of making this quilt.
I start with a photograph that I like. I enter it into Photo Shop Elememts and after doing some tweaking to the image I posterize the photo using 8 layers. I then enlarge the photo to the desired size.
I chose my fabric. This is hand dyed to my specifications by Vicki Welsh

I trace the image onto muslin with pencil. I always begin working with the eyes. Two reason for this. The eyes set back further than any other part of the face so they need to be in first. The eyes are almost always the first thing we look at in a person's face. Therefore we want them to be correct.

I progress from around the eyes. Always use the lightest color on the bottom so you do not get shading.
Here I have finished Connor's face and started the pineapple.

I've chosen Connor's shirt fabric, the background fabric and the foreground fabric and add them here. I am not happy with the eyes but have to look at it for a while before I make a change. NOTE: I have not ironed down anything. This is the last thing I do. You might note that the eyes and background have changed from this photo to the finished photo.

Oops, almost forgot the hand. I built my images separately and then put them together similar to a puzzle.

Hand and pineapple greenery attached together.

This photo shows the old background. Take a look at his teeth, they are far to white. I changed that as well. After getting this far I let the top rest on my design wall for a couple of weeks.

When I started quilting I again started with his eyes.

Finished his face and hair and then went onto other parts to finish the quilting. I learned a lot making this quilt but I learned the most about the actual quilting. If you have any questions or would like some of the photos posted larger let me know.

Almost forgot I had a request for a closeup of the pineapple. Here it is.


  1. Beautiful, Marilyn! Thanks for the step by step. Your quilting looks just right!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful detailed photos you shared with us Marilyn.

    I'm sure Connor will be impressed with how great he looks in cloth.