Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Quilting on Connor's Face

I began my quilting on Connor's face by starting with his eye's. Actually that is were I began when putting his face together as well. If you were to layer a face, you would find that eyes are the deepest layer, so I always start there.

After finishing the eyes I started working around the eye and worked outward. As I said in my previous post I had taken a photo of Connor's face from my finished fabric piece and drew my quilting design on it before I started the actual quilt. That gave me a good idea how to proceed.
I finished quilting his head by stitching his hair last. I had used several shades of brown in his hair showing high lights and shadows so I basically followed those areas using different shades of brown thread.

I am not an accomplished free motion quilter and I have yet to come up with "a favorite thread". Normally for my work I prefer cotton because I don't like the sheen that Silk, Rayon and Polyester give off. For this project, however, I did use all three of the shinny threads. My favorite was the silk.

Tomorrow I will post the finished project and give you a few more of my thoughts on things learned.

Happy Fourth!


  1. This is beautiful Maryiln. Great colors.

  2. Thanks Julie. I was quite obsessed while making it.