Monday, June 20, 2011

Wounded Warriors

This afternoon my husband and I went to downtown Seneca, SC to watch a parade of Wounded Warriors who will be spending some R&R on Lake Keowee.

Keowee Key residents have acted as host to these Marines for three years. It started off when a couple of ex-service men who reside in Keowee Key felt there was a need to give service men/women some well deserved recognition.

The first year there was a small group of motorcyclist who lead the caravan, last year over 100 lead the group. If there was one this year there was 200. Most cycles had flags flying from their back. Some were vets wearing their military hats.

This experience, for me, was so emotional that I forgot to take photos when the soldiers were riding by. I saw some crying, most smiling. If I had let go I would have been sobbing. Can't explain how I felt.

Tomorrow I will post on a cook-out honoring these Marines and the post after that will make it quilt orientated.


  1. Awesome. It's so nice to read a Blog with some important
    and meaningful happenings.

  2. Thanks ParisMaddy. Most of my blog post are about fiber art. Occasionally about family. Tomorrow I will make the Wounded Warrior post quilt oriented. But I can tell you that seeing these young men and women have really captured my heart.