Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wounded Warriors and a Bar B Que

Last night the city of Seneca SC threw a Bar B Que to honor the Wounded Warriors and invited the local residents. The gates opened at 6:00 and the WW were scheduled to arrive around 7:00.

Just a little before seven word went around for everyone to make two lines from the gate for the soldiers to walk down.

The Marines lined up outside the gate and marched in. It was so neat to see these young men and women in casual clothes but still proudly displaying the fact that they were soldiers.

The people lined up just inside the gate came on buses with the Marines. It is my assumption that they were host families.

There were two bands playing for entertainment, lots of bar b que, beer and plenty of free water. While we were sitting enjoying the band some movement to my right caught my attention. It was way over on the side of the fiend. I realized it was kids playing football. Upon further investigation I realized there were some big kids playing. The tall ones with gold shirts are WW.

Just a note: at 6:00 PM the temperature was 97 degrees.

I just wanted to add a few more photos. Tomorrow night comes the quilt connection.

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