Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready to Quilt

This week I've been spending my time finishing the tops of two pieces. I'm quite pleased with the finished product. Now I just have to do the hard part. Quilting has always been difficult for me. Even when I hand quilted I would put off starting the process because I couldn't decide how I wanted to quilt the piece.

Not to much has changed now that I do all my quilting by machine. Perhaps I procrastinate even more. I usually find that once I get started ideas start to flow and I get in the rhythm of the machine.

I don't feel that I'm a very good machine quilter, perhaps that's my problem. I don't have any confidence in what I'm doing. Practice, Practice, Practice. Well I'm about to get plenty of that. Wish me luck I really want these pieces to turn out well.

I won't be starting right away, my husband has been working on building a cutting table for my studio. He has it finished and installed it this afternoon. Now I have the job of reorganizing my studio. When I get that done I will post some photos.

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