Saturday, June 25, 2011

Focus Fiber Art June Meeting

Focus meet at the home of Barbara Tennyson last week. We had the meeting in her den as her studio is a little small for our group. Barb spread a sheet out over her fireplace and it worked quite well for a design wall. We sent Barb upstairs to bring out her wool/tie quilt. When Barb was making more traditional quilts she cut the blocks out for this quilt. If I'm remembering correctly it is about 25 years old.

Diana found these little fabric flowers at a show. She decided she just had to have them for her Mother. Well, they now grace Diana's new RV in a cute little piece of pottery she purchased in NC.

More comfort quilts from Veronica's stash. Diana took on the job of taking all of Veronica's scraps and organizing them into color waves. This must be the four or fifth little quilt to come out of that stash.
Penny Little gave Donna Barnhill a small piece of fabric she brought back from Africa and this is the finished product.


Janet Ginn brought some circles that she's been playing with and wanted our input as to what she should use as a background. These black pieces are some of the idea's thrown around.

I brought the portrait of my grandson that I've been working on. It is the first time they have seen the piece. I'm quilting on it this week and will be showing in my next post.

This is the back of a new piece I've finished titled "Echoes of the Past". I had these photos of our family printed on fabric left over from the 50th Anniversary quilt I made. So I decided to put them on the back of this quilt.
This piece was made by Sybil Radius, one of our new members. Sybil wanted to enter this in a local quilt show and they pin the quilts up. She had to come up with something to use as a hanger that could be pined.

She came up with a really neat and very real looking fabric branch. She took fabric and wrapped around wire, them she took copper wire and wrapped it around the branches to hold it together. I think this looks great. I believe she told us she won a ribbon for this. Sorry Sybil I didn't take notes and can't remember.

Sybil made this piece after seeing postcards that a friend of hers received. Her friends daughter actually took a trip around the world. These postcards came from many of those places. It is titled "Postcards from around the World".

How cute is this? Sabrina Myers brought this "Good Witch". She is made of recycled material and is truly a Green Piece.

Sabrina took a class in Mandella's taught by Gail Blate. This was the result, however, it was not truly round and Sabrina was looking for ideas in how to finish the piece. I think she is using a piping around the outside but hasn't yet decided the orientation of the piece.

Now we come to Miss Over Achiever, I'm only kidding Veronica. Veronica Moriaty works full time and yet she seems to bring more for show and tell than anyone. I kid about this but I am amazed at how much she gets done.

This piece has been quilted but she is interested in adding beads to embellish it somewhat. We discussed some possibilities.

This piece is ready to quilt and Veronica wanted some help with ideas for the quilting.

Another piece finished and ready for a show.

These are corners for a hand appliqued quilt Veronica has been working on for a while. The center piece is truly breath taking and I can hardly wait to see it finished. Veronica was also asking for some suggestions about how to quilt this piece. She usually quilts and all over pattern on her quilts. I feel that she should outline the design and quilt in the solid part and not over the appliqued design. It is so beautifully appliqued that I would hate to see the appliqued quilted over.

Well that's my story and I'm going to stick to it.