Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wounded Warriors and Quilts

This lovely lady, Penny Nichol.
And this lovely lady, Marilyn Ingal had the idea to present each Wounded Warrior vising our area a quilt when they left. Hopefully the quilts will be gentle reminders of their visit and our gratitude.

This past week on the Quilt Art Digest, a forum for art quilters, an interesting thread about quilt guilds and comfort quilts has been circulating. I found it very interesting. I have belonged to a guild that did not accept quilters as artist and one who is very supportive. Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild in Seneca, SC is a supportive guild to all its members
It also supports the community by making and giving over 100 quilts a year to local people and charities in need. This year we sent quilts to Japan. Made quilts for our local Hospice and we support a local nursing home by giving money for them to buy items for residents who cannot afford them. We support the local food bank and this year collected many items for the local free medical clinic
I say this not to toot our horn but to say what a group of wonderful caring women and men we have in our guild. I had no idea how giving they were until late last year one of our members, Penny Nichol, put out the call for quilts to be given to men/women in the service who have been wounded.

This area has been hosting, for the third time, 40 Wounded Warriors at Keowee Key and the city of Seneca, SC. This event was initiated by a couple of ex-service men who reside in Keowee Key and who felt there was a need to give the service men/women some well deserved recognition.
The troops come from the Marine Corp Special Operations Command Camp Lejeune, N.C. and from The Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment from Greenville SC
N.C. and from The Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment from Greenville SC.
This event required the partnership with the Greenville Hospital University Medical Center and Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital. The hospital makes available adaptive ski and golf equipment for those who need such support but more importantly, provides highly qualified therapists who oversee the well being and safety of the participants.

"Honoring their Service" is being chaired this year by Joyce Tarman and Tim Callahan, with help from a loyal corps of volunteers. While they are here, the men/women are offered the opportunity to golf, swim, fish, Skiddoo, water ski etc. The area holds a parade from Easley, SC to Seneca, SC accompanied by motor cyclists. The route is bounded by well wishers on each side of the road.

A dinner was held in their honor in Seneca including music and fireworks and an outdoor bar be que. A formal dinner at the Keowee Key County Club is the next evening, then on the last day, a Breakfast at the club.
Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild members, Penny Nichol and Marilyn Ingalls decided that a great way to thank the men and women for their service would be to present each a handmade quilt upon their departure. Penny, presented this to our guild and 50 members responded making 47 quilts with a patriotic theme. These quilts were presented at our June meeting.

The quilts are meant to be a gentle reminder of how thankful we are for their service. These men/women all volunteered to serve, how wonderful is that!

I would love to say that I was one of those unselfish women who made a quilt for these deserving young people, but I can't. I thought I had to many other things that I had to do. Believe me if the guild does this again next year I will have a quilt made.

I'm sure many of these women have relatives who are now in or have served in the military. I happen to know that Ronette's daughter is one of these. Ronette's quilt is the one with the flags in the center.

One of the threads on Quilter Art Digest has been "Do you do your best when making a comfort quilt or just throw something together". I think you will agree with me that these women did not just throw something together.

I hope you've enjoyed this quilt show and my hat if off to the ladies who participated in this endeavor.


  1. How fabulous! And the quilts all look like works of art, not just something thrown together. I'm sure they were very appreciated and will be well loved. Kudos to your group for undertaking this endeavor and for doing it so well.

  2. Norma I will pass this along to our guild. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Outstanding! How wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a lovely quilt show. You captured it well. I agree with Norma. I definitely see art here. I have admiration for all quilters, their precision and skill. My fiber art uses very small pieces of fabric. Drop by and see what I do with the scraps.