Thursday, March 17, 2011

Play Date

Yesterday I had a play date with Dixie Haywood. Dixie is a friend of mind. Aren't I lucky? She has also written over eight books most on foundation piecing. See Dixie, I didn't call it paper piecing.

I asked Dixie for help with a border that I want to place on a new piece that I'm working on. I'm not very good with piecing accurate blocks so I thought I would go to the best for help.

I wasn't even sure that the design I had my husband draft for me was a candidate for foundation piecing. Dixie took one look and knew right away that it could be done. Dixie's book Foundation Borders by Hall & Haywood had the instructions that I needed for this border.

I'm not good at reading and figuring out just what I need to do, so Dixie helped me out step by step.

The first photo is of the pattern my husband drafted. The second is of freezer paper that was marked for the different units in my pattern. There were only four different units as three were repeated upside down.

These are the units for the block. This block was drafted from an American Indian Symbol for Kiva Steps.

Freezer paper foundations, units and the beginning of a border.

This photo shows the pieced border as it will be butted up against two small borders. I'm very excited about this piece and I really want it to come out as I imaged it. Once I get it together I will post the whole piece.

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