Sunday, March 13, 2011

HiFiber Meeting for March

Our HiFiber Art Group meet last Thursday at The Loft in Seneca. We've decided to do something a little different this year for our meetings. We are going to have Show & Tell and bring up business that needs discussed. After that one of our members will present a short demo and teaching project.

Marge Edie presented a well thought out and planned program. More on that later. Four members weren't able to come and Marge is planning a little make up date for them. I don't want to give away any of the details yet.

This piece was made by Donna Barnhill. It is the result of a presentation by Barbara Sokol in January. Barbara showed us how to make dimensional shapes that will hold that shape.

The close-up shows this technique a little better.

This is also Donna's piece. Penny Little another of our members was on a trip to Africa late last year and she brought this piece of fabric back to share with members. Donna has done a very interesting treatment with her piece. She was asking for opinions on a background for it.

Beatriz Ruinen brought two blocks from a workshop with Karen Comb. Our Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild had Karen in for a lecture and workshop in March. Beatriz is such a good technician I can hardly wait to see what she does with this.

Ann Hanewald brought this computer blended panel. Ann is having trouble deciding how to quilt the piece and asked for suggestions. I believe it was agreed to keep it simple but to try and add a little punch to the color with thread.

This little butterfly is made with the technique Barbara taught in Jan. We took two layers of fabric and joined them together with Ultra Hold fusible web. I took some of these to CA with me last month for my grand children to help decorate. My granddaughter Sydney decorated this one. I also brought pieces that I have been working on but they've been posted here already.

Dawn McEntyre is the cross-stitch expert in this group. I'm afraid I don't know the story behind this design. I know that Dawn had another canvas using blue and green threads. I believe she got it unfinished and she then added her touch to finish the piece.

Marge Edie then presented her demo.

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