Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling almost Human and Working Again

Finally I feel like a human being again. I even got out of my PJ's today. I've been itching to get into my studio it's been at least a month and I've really missed it.

I've mentioned that one of the techniques I've been working on recently is computer manipulation of photos. Just wanted to show a piece that is almost finished and give you an idea of how I accomplished this one.

I started with this photo from a trip my husband and I had years ago. This photo has been digitized from a slide. My husband has taken on digitized all our old slides. My slides are way more than he can handle so I have to go through them and decide which I want the most. This was one of them. No manipulation has been done to this slide.

This photo was also a slide that was converted. I did change the color in this one a little emphasizing the pink. I also changed it from a vertical to horizontal since my mountain shot was horizontal. I took this shot on a misty morning so the back ground was obscure. That worked really well for what I wanted to use this photo for.

After resizing the photos to the same size I overlaid the mountain photo with the web Photo. This is the results.

The size is 13" X 19" and was printed on a 13" Epson. I knew before I started this piece that I wanted minimal quilting. I started with Sliver thread in Silver and followed all the web lines. However, this didn't show up as much as I wanted so I went back in and quilted the larger web lines with Candlelight thread. I'm quite happy with this piece and am enjoying the learning experience of Photoshop and how it can assist me in my art.


  1. Beautiful photos Marilyn,

    Photography is a great hobby of mine also. I hope to incorporated some of mine into quilts.

    I have several pictures of the checkerboard Mesa in Zion that I would love to play with.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sandi. Go for incorporating those photos they make beautiful quilts.