Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Focus Meeting

This piece is Veronica Moriarty's. I've posted it before perhaps with a different back ground.

Veronica wanted some help with what kind of binding to go on this piece. I think we may have talked her into pink.

Another interesting piece by Veronica

Sybil Radius was another guest at our meeting. She brought this lovely piece made in green silks. Her daughter had specific ideas about color simplicity, pattern, etc. This photo does not do the colors justice, sorry Sybil. There were four shades of soft greens.

Sybil's quilt up close.

Janet Ginn brought this piece from a past circle challenge. I think I'm remembering correctly when I say this design was a doodle that she saved for years. Great design.

Donna Barnhill was another guest at this meeting. Donna is an expert in using materials she has around the house. This piece was in response to using paint over a patterned object. Donna used house paint and her design was from a bamboo place mat

This interesting piece was in response to being give this piece of silk.
Donna brought this piece and asked for some help. Several suggestions came from the group. One being to add a fifth smaller flower. It was also suggested that she add a little of the 3-D effect that she had on a few of the other flowers.

Diana Pickens brought this little stripe piece that she will be teach at our state QSC Fall Retreat.

This cute little quilt came from a stash of 20 year old fabric that Diana organized for Veronica. She got some of the stash for her efforts and made this little quilt.

Dixie Haywood shared a few of her award winning quilts with our guest. Both beautifully hand quilted.