Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught in the Web

On the March 5 post (
I posted about how this design came about. It is the combination of two photographs that were manipulated and converged in photo shop elements. I've really been enjoying working in Photo Shop and printing the results on fabric.

I was really happy with the first printed piece I made but it left me wanting more. If you follow my blog you know that I like to face most of my art work instead of putting boarders around the finished piece. I did that to this piece, and used black fabric as the facing. Before I turned the facing to the back I had a good look at the piece and decided that I really liked it with the black boarder.

First Attempt.

I had finished quilting the piece and decided to finish it as planned. I still wanted to put a boarder on the print so I decided to start over. I printed the piece again and add a boarder using a mottled black/gray fabric. I quilted it as I did the other piece but extended the web into the boarder. Just as I was finishing the quilting, the "WHAT IFS" struck.

What if I thread painted a spider and put her in the web? So I did. I've been having a lot of problems waking up very early in the morning recently. So Sunday morning at 4:30 I'm in my studio thread painting.

I placed the spider in various locations on the web and with my husband's help I decided in the lower left corner. In my opinion this piece is so much more striking than the first piece. I'd love your opinion.


  1. I really like the finished piece. You made very good choices, IMHO.