Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fabricating Faces Again

I've been working on this blended photograph of my granddaughter, Aubrey. It is printed on my Epson C88 on four banner length pieces of cotton sateen. The other section is similar to the technique I use in fabricating my portraits.

I sewed these two together and started quilting them Yesterday. I ran into a bit of a problem with the stitches and decided that I would stop working on that project because I was becoming frustrated.

I had made several of these faces earlier because I thought I wanted to use them on both sides of the large piece. I decided to only add them to the right side so I had several to play with. An idea of how I wanted to quilt the black strip with the outline of Aubrey's face had come to me and decided I would try the technique out on a small piece.

This is the results of that experiment. I like the way the some what wavy line vertical lines work on the face. It off sets the circles in the boarder as well. Aubrey's bedroom is decorated in black and white zebra stripe and hot pink. I think this will make a nice little accessory to her bedroom. She won't be receiving it until July as I am going to be using it as a sample for my "Fabricating Faces" class.

After such a frustrating day with the quilting on the big piece I ended up quite satisfied with the days work.


  1. Really like this! It is almost abstract, yet definitely a person. Very original.

  2. Love the contrast between the face and border. It's lovely in black on white.