Monday, January 31, 2011

More Photos from Campbell Class

This piece is mine and has two layers of silk fabric that has been printed with different photos. The opaque bottom layer has a photo of a tree that I sketched while the top sheer silk has a photo printed of circles. They were Misty Fused together to get this results.

This piece is done the same way as the one above. The bottom photo is of birch trees with red leaves on the bottom piece. The top photo is of our neighbors gazebo from out back porch. The lighting for the top piece was ethereal.

In this piece Doris printed a photo of leaves on opaque silk and covered it with a hand dyed sheer.

Suzie printed this leaf photo on a piece of sepia hand dyed silk.

This is a really interesting piece made by Suzie. She had a really well photographed still life of a bowl with legs protruding from the opening. Yes legs, I believe they were little doll legs. At any rate the whole still life looked like marble. She then printed on sheer silk, a photo of berries on a twig, and overlaid the two.

Pam had an uncanny knack for selecting just the right piece of hand dyed fabric to print over. This small limb with a pine cone was printed on just such a fabric. Her birds on the beach that I posted last night was done the same way.

The next post will be about Nancy and I will show some of her work.

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