Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Week At J. C. Campbell Folk School

I just returned from spending a week at J. C. Campbell Folk School. I took a class in surface design taught by Nancy McKay. The class consisted of printing digital photos on silk and manipulating them in some form or another.

We started the class with Nancy showing us the different methods of dying silk. We did a little scrunching, painting, Shabori and marbleing.

I'm not going to really get into the methods that we used tonight but I want to show you some of the finished products from the class.

This is one of the pieces that I made. It consist of two photographs and is matted on mat board.

Pam printed the photo of birds on a piece of her hand dyed fabric.

This is another of Pam's pieces.

One of the techniques that we did was to print a photograph on fabric and then paint over the print with dyes. This was one of my pieces. The dyes have to be steams after they dry. This piece was not steamed long enough and the dyes faded when it was rinsed. While this piece was not successful I enjoyed this technique and will try this again

This piece was painted by Sarah.

Bob's painted piece.

Doris chose to paint sections of her flower and then layer it over one of her dyed fabrics.

This was one of my favorite pieces. It was painted by Sue, she converted the photograph to black and white and chose to paint just the jacket and pants of the figure along with the trees in the background.

Bob layered two photographs to get this piece.

One of the techniques we used was to tile our photographs and attach to mat board. This is my piece.

This piece belongs to Doris.

This was Bob's tiled piece.

I have many photos that I want to post and will talk more about the class. Stay tuned.

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  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun. You have some terrific pieces there.