Monday, January 10, 2011

South Carolina?

I broke a link in the last post and don't know how to fix it so I am just starting over. I know, I got a little carried away with these snow bunnies but I thought they were so cute.

Seed pods from mallow.

tree frog?

trees down by the lake.

A frozen pup.


  1. And that same storm will be here in CT on Tuesday night thru Wednesday. Another possible 10 - 18 inches to add to the 27" we've already had since Christmas. Enough already!!
    Your pictures are great and I love your blue bottle tree. What was the source of the blue bottles?

  2. That's a pretty surprising site in SC!

  3. Hi Norma, the wood for the tree came from one of the little islands in our lake. We live in a rural area and take our trash to a convenience station. They have the glass bottles separated according to color for recycling. The people who work there place the blue and odd color bottles on the side knowing people like me pick them up.

    We used to live in NW PA. I know what you are going through. Been there done that. That's why we now live in SC.

  4. love the pics and your house is beautiful...I know it must be breathtaking with the unusual snow all around...Just cuddle up by the fire and read a good book...thanks for sharing...