Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caryl Bryer Fallert at Bryerpatch: A Wonderful Hostess

Caryl's home and store "Bryerpatch"

I've been waiting to do this post from my trip to Paducah, KY in early December because I wanted to have time to do it justice. With the holidays and getting gifts ready, time just wasn't there.

Many of you know that the exhibit "Everchanging River" is hanging at the American Quilt Museum. A group of artist who were in the exhibit visited during the opening. A few of us were able to stay at the studio/gallery/quilt store/home of Caryl Bryer Fallert.

Caryl graciously hosted a reception on Saturday for our group, those photos will follow on another post. I wanted to concentrate on the beauty of Caryl's home and the
hospitality of Caryl in sharing her home with strangers.

This quilt was made as a tribute to her Father. I didn't hear the story but I'm sure he must have been a watch maker. Upstairs in the loft of her home and an area that is used for her guest you will find this watch chest being used as an end table. The watch parts and tools are still inside.

This piece celebrates Caryl's father's 100 birthday.

During the editing of my photographs I realized that I had not taken an overall photo of Caryl's store. I was so interested in the art work that I seemed to forget about the overall store. However, that doesn't mean that I didn't spend any money there. Caryl has some beautiful fabric that she designed and that was hard to resist.

This is Caryl's great room where she has a wonderful collection of fiber art. None of Caryl's work is hanging here, you can see her work in the store or gallery. The work here is of other artists


This is the ceiling of the great room. Do you recognize the bird?

Ellen Anne Eddy's Frog from her book "Thread Magic"

sorry about the double post of the photo. For some reason I can't delete the first one.

One of Hollis Chataline's first pieces

Two funny pieces by Ruth Reynolds

I'm afraid I don't know the name of these two artist but they were great pieces.

Ricky Tims

My all time favorite by Hollis Charaline. Caryl told us, and I hope I'm getting this right, that this was one of Hollis' first pieces. It is mostly painted on Mud cloth. When Hollis lived in Africa she would go to the factor where this fabric was made and purchase the mill ends. The background for this piece was one of those ends. The design was lighter in some places than others and seemed to disappear and come back. Personally I don't think this piece would have been as successful on any other piece of fabric. A wonderful work of art.

There is no way I can post everything about Caryl's place in one posting stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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  1. Lucky, lucky you. It seems Caryl is a very gracious hostess. Her fiber art collection is FABULOUS! Now I would like to know more about your piece in the museum show.