Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Make a Portable Design Wall

I am preparing to teach for three days next week in Carrollton GA. It usually takes me about a week to get everything ready as I take lots with me. One of the items that is most important to me is a portable design wall.

I saw a design wall similar to this one years ago when I was taking a class. After I returned home I purchased the materials I thought was needed and preceded to make my own. This design wall goes with me to all my classes.

I decided to post this how-to so my students could make one if they wanted. You will need:
1- A display board
2- Batting
3- Duck Tape
4- 2" clips
5- Plastic hooks for wall

The display boards come in heavy cardboard as well as foam core. I have both. The foam core board I use to display portraits for my class "Fabricating Faces". The cardboard one is used for my portable design wall.

Open up the display board, lay a piece of batting under it and cut the batting about 4" larger than the area of the board. Fold over batting to the back and tape with duck tape mitering the corners. Pull the fabric tight but not tight enough so that it doesn't fold back up. The design wall is finished and ready to take to your next class.

I use the clips to keep the design board closed while in transit and to hang the design board when I get to my class. As shown in the photos the design board can be hung vertically or horizontally. The hooks can be placed on most walls without making a hole or destroying the finish.

These design boards are so much more stable/sturdy than hanging a piece of batting to a wall with duck tape. I've had many designs destroyed when the tape gives way and the batting falls to the floor.

I hope this how-to will help you when it's time to go to your next class.


  1. Excellent idea! If there is wall space there is never enough and working visually as we do this will help allot!!

  2. Lovely if you are driving to teach a class. Wish I taught more often within driving distance!