Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nancy McKay Silk Painting Artist

Nancy McKay was my instructor last week for my class in Surface Design at Campbell. I posted several days showing the work that students in the class produced and wanted to show you some of Nancy's beautiful work.

Nancy was a very knowledgeable instructor and shared much of her knowledge with us.
This was my favorite piece. The inspiration for this started as a photograph which she altered then printed on fabric in black and white or tinted form. She then printed this on silk and painted with French dyes.

Nancy had a very stressful week in several ways. She brought her 13" printer for us to use for this class. The first time she printed it was producing major banding on the photo. She cleaned, etc. and it still wouldn't print right. A teachers nightmare. Fortunately she had brought a second printer with her. She handled this stress like a true professional. She also found out that her Mother was in the hospital in Florida and, of course, that was a major worry. I am posting Nancy's Web Site so that you can have a better look at her work.

I really liked this piece but we didn't get around to seeing how this was done. I would have loved to see a demo for this one. Since this was the first time that Nancy had taught this class we ran into a few snags but in the long run she handled it like a pro. As always at J. C. Campbell Folk School I had a wonderful learning week.

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