Thursday, January 13, 2011

My River Piece

I've had some people ask me which of the thirty-one pieces in the Everchanging River Exhibit is mine. I decided to post my piece "The Venice of France" and tell you a little about the piece and how I achieved the look.

In the 1980's our family lived in France. It was a wonderful experience that we would have never been able to share with our four kids had we not been sent there for my husbands work. We were able to travel throughout Europe because we lived in such close proximity.

Colmar, France is called The Venice of France. Canals run through the town instead of streets and lovely German inspired architecture line the canals. Flower boxes over-flowing with red geraniums cover the bridge railing. This is the scene I chose to depict my Everchanging River

After I decided on the fabrics for my sky, middle ground and river I sewed them together to make my canvas. I always start with a canvas and build my scene up from there. I chose to make the houses next, again building the house similar to putting a puzzle together. After I finished the houses I decided they were to bright so to tone them down a little I fused black tulle over the top. I was able to keep this transparent by using Misty Fuse. Misty Fuse is a very light web that is almost invisible when ironed down.

When I had that section put together to my satisfaction I ran it through my scanner. I then used the scanned image to print on organza that had been treated with Bubble Jet Set. After printing a mirror image and cutting around the house images I used this to make the reflection in the water.

I always tweak my pieces with paint in order to get detail and depth. This was done on the houses, rock walls and bridges.


  1. I always loved your river piece but never knew the story behind it...what a great story....thanks for sharing! Judy

  2. What a lovely scene, the colors are so bright and wonderful