Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm Hooked

This is my granddaughter, Aubrey and I'm sure you will agree she is a beautiful little girl. I have trouble getting a good photograph of her because she is very self conscious when a camera is turned on her. She takes a bit after her grandmother in that respect.

My son, Gary took this photo of her at Christmas. I don't know where the look of delight, awe, excitement or whatever it was came from but I love this photo.

I knitted a hat and scarf for Aubrey for Christmas and she hardly took it off the whole time she was here. She's wearing it in this photo.

I've been working on a new technique for making portraits by Maria Elkin explained in her DVD, "Making Faces". As the title of this post suggest, I'm hooked. I love doing this, it is so much fun and rewarding. Can't wait to start on a new one. The finished piece minus quilting is below. I placed a matte around it to give it a more finished look. I may frame these, haven't decided yet.

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