Saturday, November 21, 2009

Opening Reception at The Arts Company

The opening of my show "Wall Art" was held last night at The Arts Company in Seneca, SC. I arrived a little after the opening time and found the gallery quite packed. I didn't expect people to be arriving right at the opening time.

I was quite nervous for some reason. Perhaps I just didn't know what to expect. Everyone was very kind with their remarks about the whole body of work.

My husband was in charge of taking photos for me and very dutifully changed the batteries in the camera before we left. After about six or seven photos the camera quit working. Today he found that one of the batteries was bad. I was happy to have the following photos, I hope you enjoy.



    I hope the whole show is successful.

  2. Congratulations Marilyn.. I looked at all your photos and how rewarding for you! Your study, time, effort.. to see it all come together on the walls of the gallery and a nice crowd to appreciate it. There is nothing like it! [not even a sale, IMHO]