Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Focus Fiber Art Meeting for November

It is so interesting to me that eleven quilters can come together and none of our work looks like the others. We use totally different techniques, choices of color pallet and designs.

Judy Simmons is our guru of printing techniques, as in computer printing. Actually not just computer printing but various printing techniques as well. Judy experiments a lot, a trait I wish I possessed. I don't think I have meet anyone who loves fabric as much as Judy. She recently went to a fabric store where she went in her words "dumpster diving". Judy found some great fabric to experiment with and experiment she did. I wish I had taken photos of her samples because they were so interesting.

Another thing Judy does that I fine a great idea, but never do, is make a sample book of her experiments. That way she knows what she did to get what she got. I know you understand that last sentence.

If you haven't done so already I would recommend you read Judys blog "Windy Hill Happenings". The address is on my favorites list. Judy is one of the most sharing quilters I've ever met and shares a lot of information on her blog.

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