Monday, November 16, 2009

High Fiber Art Group

We had our regular meeting last Thursday at The Loft, a gallery in Seneca, SC. Our experiment for the month was to felt fabric. We could make anything we wanted with the felted fabric. Below are quite a variety of projects.

I'd like to comment on what I'm doing a little in this post as well. I put the last stitch and embellishments on my quilts today in preparations for my exhibit. I have sore fingers and neck and I am so happy to have this project finished.

While I was working this morning my phone rang at about 10:30. It was Warren Carpenter, the owner of The art's Company where my exhibit will hang. I was supposed to be there this morning, not tomorrow morning. Warren was so nice about my misunderstand and we will hang the show tomorrow.

I have lots of plans for things I've been putting off while working on this exhibit. My studio is a horrible mess and I plan to clean and rearrange the room. I need to catch up on some other house things. But as I sit here all the ideas for more quilts keep playing through my mind. I don't think I will be away from my studio as long as I thought I might.

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