Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HiFiber July Meeting

This year we have been having one or two members give a demo or prepare something that is easy for us to make at our meeting place.  This month Judy Rapelje showed us some samples for taking traditional quilting blocks and using them as design elements in an art quilt.

Judy made a lot of samples to show us some techniques she had experimented with using paint.  She also showed us an example of a modern bear paw pattern.

 This is another sample of a traditional block used in a more modern quilt.  Judy is making this for a grand niece.

Judy, made this baby quilt for a soon to be grand niece.

Ann Hanewald's The Dog Who almost Disappeared. 

This piece and the one below was made for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. 

 Yoko and John by Ann

Ann's notan piece.  She gave the program to us on notans.  Ann lives at the beach half the year so she had lots to share with us.

One of the quilts Marge Edie's been making from a friends stash who passed away.

Heidi Woko brought two pieces that she made for out strip challenge.  We liked both but thought this one was just outstanding.

Unfortunately the gallery in which we were going to have our exhibit in Sept. has closed and we are looking for another place to display The Strip challenge.

This was Heidi's other piece.  She has such a wonderful way with color.

Dianne Gjelsvik also brought her strip piece,  can't remember the name but it has to do with strips of wall paper.

Been there done that, want to keep my husband so won't go there again.  He does not like hanging wall paper.

Sandra Risvold brought this piece that she was working on the strip challenge as well.  It was going to be titled Strip T"s
how creative is that?

However, Sandra wasn't liking this piece so she changed her mind and started working on this.  Venus made out of tiny T shapes.  How cleaver.   Last month Marge Edie showed us how to make bas relief in fabric.  Sandra is planning to do Venus in that method.,

I wrote about The Stripper on my last post you know the story behind it.

There have already been strip pieces shown and there are more to come.  What a cleaver group we have.  Can't wait to see this exhibit hanging.

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