Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Stripper

The Stripper as you last saw it.

When I finished putting this piece together I proudly sent a photo to my son, Michael.   Michael is Vice President of Exhibits and Programs at the Natural History Museum in San Diego.  He came to that job as curator of Entomology at the same museum.  Therefore he knows his insects.

I got an email back from him saying "Mom, you do know the caterpillar in your piece is not a Monarch, don't you?  It's an Annis Swallowtail." 

Well no, Duh! I didn't know that or I would have used the Annis Swallowtail cocoon and adult butterfly.  Well color me embarrassed.

The Stripper as it is now.

I was telling a group of my friends about my mistake and my friend Sharon told me to just change the name and title it Mutation. 

That would have worked but for the fact that I made this piece for a strip challenge.  I also plan on giving it to Michael at some point.  Some how I don't think it would do to hang a misleading piece of art in a natural history museum even in his office.

So I fixed it. Now I need to add the antennas and I will be ready to quilt it and get it off my list.

I was so happy with the first Caterpillar that I just might enlarge it and make it as a stand-alone piece.

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