Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing with PhotoShop Elements: New design ready

I have had the best time this week work with computer generated images.  I'm trying to expand my limited knowledge of PhotoShop Elements so this week I have just played on the computer.

My family starts arriving Friday and I have my studio all cleaned up with quilts, usually kept on a spare bed,  piled on my work table.   So the logical thing to do, when I had a few minutes, was to work on the computer.  This is one of the images I've come up with.

This is my, now 13 year old, grandson Connor.   He is watering geraniums in a quilt I made several years ago titled Through the Window.

This is the photo I started out with.  I used the Magic Extractor in the drop down menu under Image in PhotoShop to delete the background.
This is what the image looks like after using Magic Extractor.  Save this image as a PNG file so it will be a transparency.

I then down loaded my image of  Through my Window.  I clicked on Image in the drop down menu I chose Resize and then Canvas size and added two inches to the left side of the canvas.

I then down loaded both the photos of the new canvas size quilt and the transparency of Connor.  I minimized Connor, when to my tool box and clicked on my move tool.  I then clicked on the image of Connor, in my project bin, and moved him to the image of the quilt.   I moved him around on the image until I was satisfied with his position.   Can't want to get this printed and start working on the actual quilt.

This is possibly my last post for about ten days as I will be enjoying having my family here.  Well maybe a few family photos.

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  1. Marilyn, I love this, after taking your class fall of 2011 I purchased Photo Shop 8, haven't had time to really play with it but now I just might have to make the time. Thanks for sharing