Monday, July 23, 2012

The Anniversay Quilt

Some times it takes me a while to finish a project.  Two years ago we celebrated our 50th anniversary.   This quilt was finished except for the sleeve that you sew on the back for a hanging rod.

It has laid in my spare bedroom waiting to be hung.  Guess what we did it today, yep the quilt is hung.

I started this piece at J. C. Campbell in a class taught by Mary Lou Weidman.  Mary Lou teaches how to make really fun story quilts.

This one has all our children, grandchildren and in-laws represented.  Our nineteen year old dog, Holly is in the quilt though not with us anymore.

If you look closely you will see one of my quilts hanging from the porch on the house.  Kermit and I spent a year, every weekend, finishing the inside of our log home.  It has a prominent place in the story.

Our family, fifteen strong, will be here next week.  One will be missing, my son-in-law has to work and can't come, but everyone else will be here.  We will be meeting a future daughter-in-law and grandson as well.  Sometimes I just need this kind of  occasions to get things done.