Saturday, June 26, 2010

Focus Meeting

We were all so glad to see Marge Edie able to attend our meeting. Marge recently suffered some health problems and it was great to see her out with all her work in hand. Marge is showing us her finished challenge piece, it is very appropriately named "Heartwood".

Marge also brought a new piece she is working on. The design is inspired from a scientific photograph she saw years ago in one of her husbands magazines. Marge is drafting the pattern and sewing it on the machine. She loves this kind of challenge.

Marge is also a weaver. This neck scarf is interwoven and is very unique. She started with a piece that was 6' long and felted it. The finished scarf will be cut to make two separate scarfs.

We had so much to show and talk about that I will have to finish up tomorrow. Enjoy the post below and come back tomorrow.

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