Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fabricating Faces Class for LMQG

On Tuesday I taught "Fabricating Faces" to our local guild, Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild.

I had a full class, each student sent photographs to me so that I could prepare the posterization prior to the class. This saved valuable class time and allowed us to do this class in a six-hour workshop.

I went over the posterization process using a projector connected to my computer. The handouts cover the steps as well. We then moved on to tracing each layer in red and making copies to use for patterns.

You will see in the photos here as well as the ones to follow that the students caught onto the process and did a great job. They saw problems as they worked and come up with solutions. This was perhaps one of the quietest most intense classes I have ever taught.

However, when the class was over Margaret said to me "I am usually tired after a six-hour workshop but today I am elated". Beatriz and Marilyn went home and started all over to redo the portrait. Marilyn said, "When I got home it just all clicked". Marilyn is an award winning quilter and I could see she "got it" in class. Sometimes though, you just have to go home in the peace and quite and work until you are satisfied.

I loved sharing this process and to be able to teach it to my own guild was wonderful.

Photo above is Marilyn Ingalls' grandson


  1. All of your student's faces are fantastic! I'll be working on some color samples for you Monday.