Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Copper Watering Can

I returned home yesterday after spending some time in NC moving my Mother-In-Law to a new facility.  She is settled in a good place and is Okay. 

I finished the thread painting of the copper watering can today.  I started it last week before we left but didn't get very far.  This was the results of about five hours of work today.

This is not a one day or even a one week project that I'm working on now.  However, I think it will be worth the time.

This is a closer view of the watering can.  I really enjoyed choosing the threads to achieve the patina of old copper. 

I used some green, red, and multi colors of golds and browns. I have a meeting tomorrow and it's not likely that I will get much done on this piece but, I have set aside the rest of the week and hope to really see some difference in the left side of the piece by the end of the weekend.