Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Learning Experience

Since my last post I've gotten quite a bit done.  It may not look like a lot to the observer but if you've ever thread painted you will know that I've accomplished quite a bit.

I recently purchased a book by Carol Shinn titled Freestyle Machine Embroidery.  It was recommended to me by members on the SAQA blog.

I am so glad I listened to them and ordered this book.  It is chocked full of great ways to handle problems.

Take this photo, you will note to the left I am attempting to thread paint a shadow on the jeans where the handle of the watering can is shading the jeans.  There is quite a distinct line where the shadow ends.

 After reading Carol's book I knew just what to do to make it look more realistic. 

I am beginning to get puckering with all the dense thread painting.  The one in this photo will be quilted out as this area is going to be as dense as the jeans.

However, I am beginning to get puckers as seen beside the pocket and above the flower where the area is not going to be that dense.

I also found a bulge today in the side of the watering can.  Carol to the rescue again.  She demonstrates how to slice the bulge open make the corrections and then thread paint over the opening.

I'm no where near ready to do that yet as I will be waiting until I finish the whole piece to make any corrections.

Okay, I would like a pat on the back.  The overalls and some of the watering can have all been done since last week.  It is so much fun seeing this piece take shape.

Here again you can see the puckering beside the jeans.  I'm not sure what can be done here, haven't finished Carol's book yet.   I have an idea of my own that is my fall back, just in case it won't iron out or the quilting won't take care of the problem.

Tomorrow cataract surgery so will be taking it easy for a few days. 


  1. Wow--that will be a fabulous quilt once it's all done. I love the shading you've done. Good luck with your cataract surgery. All the people I know who have had it say it's wonderful--after it's over!
    Sending good thoughts and prayers for a great outcome.
    --Toni in Milwaukee

    1. Thanks Toni, the surgery went really well. It's amazing the change in color and light. One more to go in another week and I will have two good eyes.

  2. I enjoyed reading through your posts and seeing your progress and problem solving. Looking forward to more.

    1. Thanks you Cheryl. I am really looking forward to more work on this project. It is a long term project and I have a few other things I need to get started on while I am working on this piece.