Sunday, October 28, 2012

A New Connor Design

Connor III
but not really named yet  45" X 45"

A week or so ago I posted a closeup of a new piece that I'm working on.  I've been doing a study so that I can get the quilting and thread choices out of the way before I start on the big piece.

Tonight I decided to post the full print and give you an idea of how I came up with this design.

I knew that I wanted to continue experimenting with my computer generated images.  I went to my photo files to fine a photo that I wanted to work with.

This has long been a favorite photo of mine.  Connor was about three at the time and he really loved to garden.  He even wanted the cement to grow. 

I decided to dropout the background and then look for a photo that I wanted to pair it with.

After searching through my large file of garden photos I suddenly thought of this piece of fiber art I made several years ago.  It is titled Through my Window.

It is actually the front window of our log house.  Through the window is my great room with another Geranium quilt hanging on the wall.  The window box holds more geraniums.   The geraniums in the pots are made using the fabric Origami method.

After a bit of trial and error I learned how to increase my canvas size to accommodate Connor standing in outer space.

Lots of fun and I love the finished produce.  Now to get it quilted. 


  1. Lovely work Marilyn, and your background in painting and photography clearly shine through. I hope that I get a chance to see the finished piece.
    Thanks for sharing your process.

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    2. Thanks April. I'm now working on thread painting the piece.