Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cataract Surgery Goes Great

I had no idea that the colors I was seeing were not correct until after my surgery on Thursday.  I had the cataract on my right eye removed and a lens inserted that will allow me to see distance, in-between and up-close all in one.

My vision is still a little cloudy but today it appears that the right eye is becoming dominate and my overall vision is better.  I am having the left eye done on Nov. 27, then I will have all new vision.

It's been amazing to look outside at the Autumn leaves that are still around.  I close my right eye and everything has a very yellow/gold look.  This I thought was normal.  I then close my left eye and see the bright natural colors.  It's amazing.

I think I had forgotten how white, white can be.  I need to get out a few of my newer fiber art pieces to look at them with new eyes.  I may have some surprises as I view them with new eyes.


  1. so glad all went well and your blessed with true sight again - hoping for a quick recovery and the second goes just as well as the first!

    1. Thanks Nina Marie it is truly an amazing procedure. No swelling no red eyes no pain.