Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spirit of the Kiva Revived

I decided that I needed to let my eyes rest and haven't been working on the thread painting since the surgery.  However, I wanted to get some other things done.  This piece was started about two years ago.  I started the quilting and had about 2/3 of the large design done when I realized that it was going wonky on me.  Because I have the straight lines of the boarder I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get everything to look straight.

I decided to take the photo printed on fabric out, redo the printing and reinsert it in the boarders.  I started sewing the boarders on today.  Because the printed fabric area was larger that the first one I had to do some trimming.  It was quite confusing for a while.  I'm used to making the boarders match the center piece.  This time I had to make the center match the boarders.  You understood that didn't you?    I had to call in reinforcements, my husband, to help.  We finally figured it out and I hope to get the other two sides sewn tomorrow.

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